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Your brand is one of your most valuable assets in a competitive corporate environment. It is the face of your company, the symbol of your reputation, and an expression of your own personality. To maintain your market position and avoid any legal problems, it is essential to protect your brand against unauthorized use or replication. A trademark is a must-have nowadays. Visit here to register your trademark with Shapla now!

  • Structure of a Brand: Your company’s name, tagline, logo, and any other distinguishing features that set you apart from competitors are all part of your brand.
  • Brand Identity: Your company’s physical and auditory representations, such as logos, colors, fonts, and the tone of your communications, all make up your brand identity. It serves as the basis for your trademark.
  • Fair Use: Knowing fair use helps you strike a balance between your rights as the owner of a trademark and the public’s use of trademarks in specific situations.
  • Logo: The most recognized element of your brand is usually your logo, which is why it needs to be a registered trademark.
  • Originality: To avoid problems, make sure that the elements of your brand are unique from other trademarks already in use.

Your company’s brand, which is more than just its name and logo, stands for your company’s identity and reputation. For future growth and legal safety, it must be protected through trademarks and intellectual property rights. Visit here to learn more about trademarks. 

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